The difference between using chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer for growing plants

The difference between using chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer for growing plants

  • The pros of chemical fertilizers
  1. Can be easily procured and easy to transport, as well as easy to use since it’s used only in little quantity
  2. Looks clean in the eyes of consumers
  3. Can accurately specify the nutrition required by the plant
  4. Fast nutrition release which can accelerate the growth rate and produce

The cons of chemical fertilizers

  1. They are currently sold at high price and thus is hard for farmers to control their cost
  2. Changes the soil structure and the nutrition are pulled out quickly, deteriorating the soil
  3. When used continuously for a long time will cause the soil to become acidic, hard, and decrease the number of animals and insect living in it

organic fertilizers

The pros of organic fertilizers

  1. The more you use the better the condition of the soil
  2. Good animals and insect will use as habitat and enhance the microorganisms that are beneficial to plants
  3. Can be produced locally and thus has a low cost
  4. Can stay in the soil for a long time and slowly release the nutrition for the plants

The cons of organic fertilizers

  1. There’s a fermenting and decomposing process before it’s usable
  2. It’s a hassle to use since it’s required in large amount
  3. Cannot accurately specify the nutrition
And for the result of my experience from  both type of fertilizers.
In July of 2017, pineapple became very cheap and so I ordered pineapples from farmers for my cattle, at the same time I cut some of the pineapples from my own farm for self-consumption.
What I noticed is, the pineapple I ordered from other farms only stay fresh for 3 days, but those from my own farm on the same day (Without any herbicides or chemicals) can stay for more than a week without rotting. I can still peel and eat normally and it still taste the same

So, I hypothesize that the use of chemical fertilizers will enhance the growth rate but there are still cons that they can’t be kept for long


And also found that some type of plants such as Dragon fruit, even if the chemical provides more produce


But from receiving produce quicker, the plant wasn’t able to fully collect nutrition and thus the dragon fruits from organic fertilizer have a better taste and weigh more when the diameter is the same (But the tradeoff come in the form of longer nutrition collection time as well)


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